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  • 13 Sep 2016 4:08 PM | Anonymous

    August 2016:  The International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health's  mission is to foster the development of new collaborations and to strengthen existing partnerships within the field of integrative medicine and health (http://www.icimh.org). 

    The NUCCA study on " Cerebral flow analysis of PC-MRI acquired data following a chiropractic intervention in migraine subjects" authored by Dr. Charles Woodfield and Dr. D. Gordon Hasick, was programmed with similar lectures describing their exploration into underlying physiologic mechanisms.

    Dr. Josephine Briggs, Director of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health(NCCIH) served as session moderator.  She was most interested in the migraine study and commented that NUCCA knew  how to follow directions and looked forward to future studies.   Dr. Christine Goertz, Chancellor for the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research also commented on the NUCCA study, saying exploring a physiologic mechanism of the Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC) is what is needed.

    It appears that NUCCA's research track meets the NIH request for investigation into the physiologic mechanism(s) underlying Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) interventions.

  • 12 Sep 2016 1:42 PM | Anonymous

    August 2016: Congratulations to ICA Upper Cervical Council President Dr. Jeffrey Scholten for the publication of a paper on "Evaluating the feasibility of using online software to collect patient information in a chiropractic practice-based research network" co-authored with Dr. Mikael Reney.  The paper was published in the March 2016 issue of the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (JCCA).  This paper is the culmination of almost a decade of preparation and procedural fine-tuning of an on-line patient data collection platform.

    The study explored the possibility that patients embellish their answers more to an online questionnaire compared to questions asked in person. The paper may be download at http://goo.gl/BFmsba.

  • 12 Sep 2016 12:55 PM | Anonymous

    July 2016: The ISNVD's 6th annual scientific meeting in New York, April 29-30, provided abundant opportunities to once again introduce upper cervical chiropractic to the neurovascular research community. Dr. Chuck Woodfield presented a poster paper on "Comprehensive cerebral flows analyses of MRI acquired data following a chiropractic intervention of migraine subjects."   The poster created interactions with various researchers discussing the NUCCA Calgary Migraine MRI study and possible future projects. The MR Innovations researchers involved with Calgary migraine data analysis, brainstormed future imaging investigations, particular with Susceptibility Weighted Imaging.



    Dr. Charles  Woodfield, with his poster presentation on "Comprehensive cerebral flaws analyses of MRI acquired data following a chiropractic intervention of migraine subjects 

    David Utriainen, renowned MRI physicist from MR Innovations , inc., Detroit, Mich.,(http://www.mrinnovations.com) discussed teasing out remaining information from the Calgary Migraine NUCCA MRI study data.  Two research teams in Italy are working with computerized models for CFS and venous overflow. They have calibrated with "normal" MRI data hence; we can tease out any trends from the data, comparing baseline to after NUCCA correction observations.

    The ability to measure a "poor man's perfusion" with the Calgary Migraine MRI study data is most exciting.  Siena is open software for determining brain volume from MRI data. Volume coupled with measured cerebral blood flow, allows determination of perfusion.  Utraiainen feels confident there are some perfusion findings to report. If there are significant changes in perfusion following the atlas correction then further MRI or ASL (arterial spin labeling) studies can confirm these positive findings.

    Keynote speaker Dr. Jonathan Kipnis reported on evidence of lymphatics in the brain of a mouse (https://goo.gl?MPmjSF) .  He was quite clear that this discovery was not in humans.  He also reminded the audience that the glymphatic system is not what the popular press indicates, hence the clinical significance of these findings are relatively unknown.


  • 29 Jul 2016 5:45 PM | Anonymous

    July 2016: Upper Cervical made a proud showing at this premier research conference for the chiropractic profession. Dr. Todd Hubbard, Blair Society Research Director recruited assistance at the Palmer College, Rock Island Clinic in preparing a good representation of Upper Cervical (UC) care documenting research performed by Palmer College clinic students.  Conversations surrounded his approach in gaining UC cultural acceptance through changing government policy.  Evidence to change policy requires much quality research data.  One way to collect this data is through Practice Based Research (PBR) by measuring Patient Activation Measures (PAM).  PAM reports how clinicians can enable patients to manage their chronic illness or condition.  It seems uncertain if UC is currently in a position to effect policy and planning.  

    Publishing each UC procedure’s position papers with descriptions of each group’s procedural standards in the Journal of Chiropractic Humanities provides one outlet to document this aspect of UC care. Dr. Bill Meeker, president of Palmer College West, applauded current efforts keeping UC Research on the map and is looking forward to future UC research presentations. 

    Dr. Chuck Henderson, now retired from Palmer Research, was at RAC representing LCCW research.  An early research mentor, Dr. Henderson mentored insight into how to successfully complete a research project, then, publish the results. Dr. Henderson was frank stating UC research should concentrate on demonstrating efficacy of their adjusting procedures.  First thing you want to know is, “Does it work?  If it doesn’t work, why bother with any other investigation?”

    Dr. Phillip Schlow presented a paper on:
    "Upper cervical chiropractic management of overuse syndrome in a violinist"

    Dr. Chuck Woodfield presented a paper on:
    “Atlas realignment in a subject with migraine: A case report"

    Dr. Philip Schalow, a recent graduate of the ICA’s Upper Cervical Diplomate program (DCCJP), did a stellar job representing Upper Cervical Chiropractic utilizing his newfound skills.

  • 02 Dec 2015 8:24 PM | Anonymous
    December 2, 2015: The ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care recently announced that 18 upper cervical practitioners passed the he first Diplomate  Board Certification Examination.   The inaugural class started in January 2013 and the candidates sat for their Board Exam in the fall of 2015.   The successful candidates include:  Dr. Scott Bales (ONT,Canada), Dr. Mychal Beebe (WA), Dr. Rachae Bell (WA), Dr. Jean Paul Bohemier (AB, Canada), Dr. Ian Bulow (PA),  Dr. Tyler Evans (WA), Dr. Patricia Gregg (TX), Dr. Johanna Hoeller (BC, Canada), Dr. Daniel Judge (MI), Dr. Melissa Licari (FL), Dr. Matthew McNally (WI), Dr. Joey Miles (NC), Dr. Anthony Monnin (OH), Dr. Philip Schalow (IL), Dr. Jeffrey Scholten (AB, Canada), Dr. Fred Schurger (IL), Dr. Christine Theodossis (SC), and Thomas Craig York (AR).  

    This inaugural class will receive their Diplomas at a special ceremony in Davenport when ICA has its Annual Meeting on PCC campus in April.

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